Sunday, October 20, 2013

[Lorna Ramble] Scotland the brave, Canada the strong.

Today I was asked if I would move back to Scotland and I wanted to say "In a heartbeat." The truth, however is more complex as the truth often is. Would I move back to the Scotland that is in my memories and mind, in a heartbeat. However, that Scotland is the wonderful land where parents did the worrying, where school was easy and the teachers (nuns) catered to my individual voracious learning ability, and money was never an issue.

Britain, right now, is in more of a political and budgetary mess now than when we left in '82. Money and politics wasn't exactly the reason we emigrated (as with any life decision that huge, there were a host of reasons 7 year old me didn't grasp) but it was certainly a factor. Mum could make much more money in Canada than she could in Britain. Dad had the same confusing spaghetti mess of career paths to walk in Britain as Canada as a retired member of the military. So off we went.

NHS is a mess. Real estate is a mess. Politics are a mess. The politics are far more similar to Canada than Canada's is America, so I understand their logic and lack there of much better. I understand how they got where they are and can see how they can change their course to see where they want to go. American politics, and politicians, baffle me. How people can vote for a party purely because its "their" party, makes me do the Jackie Chan "WTF?!" pose. I swear, that in the States, that if the Democrats required eating a puppy for breakfast, people would still vote Democrat because they've always voted Democrat. Women who vote Republican (right now, as the party stands) are equally crazy. It's your vagina, ladies.

But I get off topic. Would I love to have a small home near high street in Elgin? Absolutely, without a doubt. I'd love to be back in my other home. I'd miss to Chilliwack, I'd miss my Canadian friends and family, but part of my soul says "I want to be in the Highlands." Could I ever financially make it happen? No.

In theory, if I REALLY wanted it, I could make it happen. I could sell my condo, pack up my necessities (which would fit in one suitcase) and pick up my butt and just get on a plane. I could then look around, survive the few months requirement before I can qualify for council assistance and get on with my life. In practicality, however, its a bit trickier. Can Scotland afford me? No, probably not. Canada can, no matter what our politicians say. Should I move from being a burden of kilograms to being a burden of tonnes? It's not fair to the people. It wouldn't be fair to my new neighbours. How can I say "I love this place" and then promptly make it a more difficult place for everyone?

Chilliwack, all of lower south-wet BC, really, has the same rugged beauty, and if not an ancient power ingrained in every rock and leaf, it certainly has raw power in plenty. It has the people, it has the food, and life. It has almost everything I need. But, that doesn't stop me from looking to the horizon, I'll admit it. But move back? In my dreams I can visit any time I wish, and its a hardship for none.

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