Sunday, March 9, 2014

[Personal Rant] House of Cards Review.

So - I watched the first season of House of Cards. I didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't say I didn't like it, but I didn't dislike it either. I think, mostly, because it didn't cause any huge emotional reaction in me either way.

It didn't touch me. Mini-spoiler, but the first scene pretty much summed up the show to me. A dog is hit by a car (hit and run), the Congressman and his security agent find the dog and the Congressman kills it to put it out of its misery.  And the first thought that hit my head was "TAKE IT TO A VET, YOU *Q&#*!!E#@#!" The dog was alive enough to be whimpering, it was probably alive enough to be treated. Guarantee of saving? Of course not, but just killing it yourself? The scene was probably supposed to establish the Congressman as a practical, driven, man. That wasn't at all all the impression it left *me* with.

Without further spoilering, my other issue was the story-telling. It's very much like you're traveling down highway 1, and you're watching the scenery, you stop at a few small towns, you enjoy the quaint cupcakes, and then BAM! Oh, sorry, you were on Highway 3 all along. No, there was no indication that town of Millbury was actually Luxersen, but y'know just deal. Fine, okay, a little shock/suspense is okay, so Highway 3, got it. Oh, no, sorry, Highway 3 is actually Highway 17, you can tell by the complete lack of evidence ever given. The constant changing of tracks with no evidence or forewarning makes me so much less likely to engage the story in the future. What's the point? It's already been established as a lie three times.Yes, it makes sense, yes it fits, but no foreshadowing? No weaving it in, just bam, change? No thank you.

I also seriously don't get why Claire stays with her husband. At every turn he says its a partnership, but it's never about her wants or needs, they always take a backseat. Its always about his path, his power, she just gets to come along for the ride and enjoy it. She's either in it for a bask at his power, or she's deluded and I can't decide which. It strikes me as an emotionally abusive relationship and the only way you could get me to watch season two would be the word "Oh, she leaves him and totally owns his ass."

However, since the patriaricial writing will doubtfully not do that, it all really adds up to the chances of my watching season two being somewhere between none and non-existent.

The show would make much more sense if it were about Putin's rise to power than a Congressman's attempt. Seriously.


  1. Okay, so what's the UK version like? BBC put out a version before Spacey and Netflix got together.

    1. That's an excellent question. I'll try to hunt it down and let you know!