Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[Canadian Politics] Dear Prime Minister Steven Harper..

Dear Prime Minister Steven Harper,

I know you are a father and I have to wonder if you've considered what lessons you're teaching not only your own children but all the children of Canada.

There's the lesson that bullying is okay if the person is a threat to you or something you want. Your attack ads are certainly a new low in Canadian politics and broadcasting. How can you expect children to learn and understand bullying is bad if the leader of our country partakes it in regularly? Bad enough that its splattered across the television during elections, but to make fun of a man raising money for charity in a good humoured and harmless way? What lesson do you mean to teach instead of the one you are actually teaching? You also seem determined to silence the voice of the people; CBC. Is your that if you don't like what someone's saying, silence them through any means?

You keep repeating the lesson that it's okay to run away from your problems and to not let anyone hold you accountable for the actions or those you lead. You have prorogued parliament twice. You refuse to ask direct, pertinent questions. You refuse to let the Canadian people see into how you're governing and why you're doing it that way. You've shown that lying is perfectly okay too, if it gets you what you want. You promised more accountability, smaller governments and better spending. Unfortunately, you've given us less accountability, increased the size of the government and we have no idea about your spending because you refuse to let us see it. Do you want your own children lying and avoiding responsibility if it gets them what they want?

What about the lesson of changing the entire government to your own name? That's quite the lesson in egotism. An entire country's administration named after the man who is supposed to be the representation of the people.  Or how about not hosting the portraits of past prime minister to remind yourself of those who came before you and who helped make our country great?

And what kind of country do you want your kids to inherit? One with oil spills, a shortage of education, arts and science? One where the government controls the air waves, where the green space is shrinking and the rights are being slowly taken away?  Our middle class is disappearing, do you hope your own investments are enough to keep them in the upper crust or they'll be fortunate enough to get incredibly well-paying jobs? How about their food, do you think they'll be okay eating harmful GMO food, dangerous pesticides and insecticides, and products that are inspected by the people selling them rather than someone independent and unbiased. What about water for your kids to drink? You have declared that clean water is a luxury, not a human right.

Your government have been found in contempt of parliament, your party willfully violated election spending limits, turned the Liberal surplus into a deficit and claimed yourself a brilliant financial leader, you opposed healthcare, and wanted us to go to Iraq and reaffirmed that even after the damage it's done to the U.S.A and the U.K. Members of your government have been convicted of fraud, several close to your own position of Prime Minister. Your party's fascination with other people's electronic laundry is frightening, how many laws have to get voted down before you realize no one wants this?

I'm sure you consider yourself a good parent to your children, Prime Minister Harper, but what about the rest of children of Canada?


Lorna Appleby.

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  1. I'm sure a journalist could say it better -- but this insomniac gave it a stab anyway!