Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Patriotism] Happy 146th Canada Day!

I was going to write a serious post here about the awesomeness that is the "Great White North" but I figure I'll save that for another day. Canada Day is about having fun in the name of our nation. BBQs and fireworks, eh?

Canadians are Great!

1) We are naturally conversational. We don't say "Nice weather" and pretty much kill a conversation before it started, we say "Nice weather, eh?" so you can rebutt with "It's 33C, it's 85% humid, and I can't justify spending $800 to have AC for three weeks a year!" without seeming a bitter bug or rude. Okay, mostly without seeming rude.

2) We are [ridiculously] polite. The way to tell the difference between a Canadian and American is a Canadian will apologize if a glass door is opened into them, the American is the one holding the door. (I love my American cousins! Honest! .. please put down the weaponry..)

3) We are friendly. Come on over and watch the game! Come on over and have some BBQ! The fact that these two things may be said together, when there's two feet of snow on the ground, is perfectly natural.

4) We had the world's prettiest spring Winter Olympics. Beautiful, majestic mountains and cherry blossoms! You could walk around and take in the culture (and beer) wearing a t-shirt and cut-offs. Probably not what the IOC had in mind for a Winter Olympics, but it certainly was uniquely Canadian!

5) Give a Canadian a choice between shaking the hand of our Prime Minister or driving a Zamboni, and we'll choose the Zamboni every time! The leader of our country is just another person, but a Zamboni? It's a ZAMBONI!

6) We invented a bunch of stuff, took part in inventing a bunch more, and will always claim the greatness like we did it all ourself. ("The CANADIAN arm, dude! Couldn't have built the ISS without it!" .. Lets not mention the space shuttle required to get it up there..)

7) We spell the English language the way the English intended. ;)

8) We appreciate tongue in cheek humour.

9) We may not all speak and/or read French, but every younger sibling in this great nation knows the names of cereal in French and English.

10) Log Driver's Waltz.

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