Thursday, June 13, 2013

[My Opinion] Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad.

Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad.

Seriously, it doesn't. I appreciate that you don't like Justin Beiber, steampunk or anime, however, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. There is a difference between quality and personal enjoyment. What harm is Beiber actually doing to you that you find it necessary to post hate messages?

The kid is hardly a great example for tweens and teens alike, but, seriously? The guy sings pop songs on a station you probably don't even listen to. Unless you have kids, no one is making you buy his music and if you have kids I'm sure you've done things much more distasteful than buy his music. He doesn't affect you in any shape or form. We get you don't like him, but seriously, saying how you wish he was dead? What kind of lesson is THAT? You wish people you don't know, will never meet, never interact with, don't even have to have in your universe, dead. You wish some human being on this planet harm and his biggest crime is you don't like the way he sings? This kid, like him or not as an artist or human being, brings a hell of a lot of genuine happiness to a lot of people and you wish him ill. I think that says more about you than it does him.

Oh, sure, you can jump on the band wagon. Nickelback sucks, Nickelback is everything that's wrong with music, Nickelback this, that, blah blah blah. But, if everyone hates Nickelback as the web tells us, how are they selling millions of albums? Is Nickelback as musically complex as Queen? Hell no. I buy their music and I'll be the first to say they're the cheap beer of rock and roll; however, sometimes you just want a cheap beer. They're not harming you any. "All their songs sound alike." The same could be said for Kiss, and I'm sure there are people readying their pitch forks and torches every time I say that. Their sales alone tell us that someone's finding them enjoyable and their art is making said people happy, and that's not a bad thing. I wouldn't say Chad Kreuger is a paragon of virtue or great leader of the people when he's well known for his drunk driving, but I'll still enjoy his music.

It's no secret I don't like Stephanie Meyer. I think she's terrible writer in value of quality of writing, I think she sends horrible messages to young, impressionable, people, I think that her books should never have sold as well as they should have, however, that doesn't mean I think she should "die in a fire." Having lost my home, my pet rabbit and about ninety percent of my possessions in a fire, I wouldn't wish that kind of damage on a human being. I wouldn't even wish her computer to explode. (I think all computer geeks will agree with me that that's a trauma best avoided.) Do I wish she could stop selling books? Sure. Badly enough to actually wish her or hers harm? Of course not.

I think we've just become so desensitized to violence that we don't think twice when we say "I wish those fangirls would just die" or "I think Nickelback should be shot, drawn and quartered."  Of course we're employing hyperbole, but for one moment actually think about what the words you're saying mean. I'll fully support Meyer's rights to write poor quality novels with poor life lessons and sell them; I'll also fully support humanity's right to buy said books to use as entertainment or toilet paper as they so choose. After all, just because I think her work is less than stellar, it doesn't mean I'm necessarily right.

Separate the art from the artist and think about your view for a moment; you're saying an eighteen year old kid should be harmed for being an eighteen year old kid. That's pretty f'd up.

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